Arabian Networks Support (NetS) is a Saudi Arabian establishment. The main office of the company is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where development, programming, enhancement for dedicated Application Systems and support is provisioned. It has a patron Spanish company with headquarters in Madrid, where it has a manpower of over 150. It has 5 offices in different cities of Spain. It is mainly engaged in development, maintenance and support for customized computer applications, telecommunications and security.

Our Partnership

Kalki Communication Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Kalkitech) and Arabian Networks Support Co. have partnered for comprehensive Systems and Support provision in KSA.

 has exclusive range of Smart Grid Communications Products, SYNC series of DCU (Data Concentrator Unit) hardware devices, ELTRIX suite of products with various System Modules for Water and Power projects.

Established in 1998, Kalkitech pioneers in developing and delivering vendor agnostic products and services that securely bridges the gap between legacy and existing standards. With over 200 employees, the company has 4 offices in India, 2 in US and Middle East and a Partnership base in Saudi Arabia with NetS.


News Highlights
Central Settlement System
Saudi Water Partnership Company, the Water Offtaker of Saudi Arabia has awarded NetS implementation of Central Settlement System. The CSS will bring together all the IWP, ISTP and other Plant Settlement Systems of current and future Plants on a single platform.

Plant Settlement System
For Taif ISTP, NetS is assigned to provide the Plant Settlement System as well as MDA system, It's a privilege taking up first of this kind of project in KSA.
Jeddah ISTP PASS and MDA too assigned to NetS. 

Cyber Security Assessment
NetS undertakes the Cyber Security Assessment for Shuqaiq-3 IWP. As part of compliance with NCA and HCIS regulations, this service is contracted by Acciona.

Plant Settlement System

Taqnia Energy contracts NetS for the Settlement System for Layla Solar PV in Aflaj.
Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the regional leader in technical provisions and support for Settlement Systems, Information Technology and Telecommunication networks.
Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide reliable, secure and efficient solutions and services, adhering to local content and highest standards.

Services & Activities

Settlement Systems Solutions for Water and Power Projects

Settlement Systems Solutions for Water and Power Projects

  • Fuel Demand Model (FDM)
  • Energy Demand Model (EDM)
  • Plant Accounting and Settlement System (PASS) for Power, Water, Co-generation and STP
  • Plant Performance Monitoring, Diagnosis Modules
  • Centralized Settlement Systems for Multiple Plants
IT, Networking & Telecom Solutions

IT, Networking & Telecom Solutions

  • Networking & Datacenter Provision & Installation
  • Software Provision & Installation
  • IT Managed Services
  • Cybersecurity Assessment and Implementation
  • Telecommunication, VOIP and SIP Solutions
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Security Systems, CCTV & Monitoring
  • Access Control, Time & Attendance Systems
Support and Maintenance Services

Support and Maintenance Services

  • Installation and Configuration of Software and Equipment
  • Datacenter Hardware Provision & Installation
  • Software Provision & Installation
  • Complete IT Infrastructure Managed Services & Support
  • On Demand, Periodic Maintenance and AMC Services
  • Contracted Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades

Featured Associate Services

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

  • Cybersecurity assessment & optimization in compliance to National Cybersecurity Authority essential controls
  • Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Penetration Testing
  • Information Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Assessment of security maturity level according to CIS Intl. Org.
  • Recommendation of actions and solutions to enhance security measures
  • Deployment of solutions and undertaking actions
Managed Services and Support

Managed Services and Support

  • Tailored as per client’s needs, IT computing services, security management and Licenses Optimization Services (LOS).
  • Proactive monitoring and managing devices / services to ensure seamless operation and performance optimization.
  • On-premises Data Centers optimization.
  • Online or onsite support and multiple support offerings with solid SLAs.
  • On Demand, Periodic Maintenance and AMC Services
Security and Telecom Services

Security and Telecom Services

  • Surveillance and Monitoring Systems
  • Security and Access Control Solutions and Systems
  • Datacenter monitoring, opertions and maintenance
  • Connectivity Services for Fiber technology, Network & Drop Cabling and Microwave
  • Unified Communication Systems
  • Next generation network migration, Fiber networks, IPVPN Data & Voice


Plant Settlement System and Billing Solutions

  • Energy and Water meter data using standard interfaces through automated meter reading system
  • Communication interface with Plant DCS and SCADA system
  • Invoice generation per tariff structure
  • Advance neural network
  • State of the art thermodynamic modeling using first principles
  • Fuel Demand Model
  • Graphical user interface with customized dashboards
  • Customized user defined report generation
  • Data exchange through LAN / WAN connectivity
  • Eltrix Billing System approved and trusted by major Power and Water utilities
  • Standards-based technology solutions
  • Over 15 years, 20GW expertise across Middle East, Asia-Pacific and India
  • Expertise in Field Meter Data Integration, ERP / Third-party Systems Integration
  • Automation of billing workflow resulting in improved productivity

Our Products


Provides a number of optimization and diagnostics functionalities for gas fired and coal fired power plants.
Offers a complete solution for Performance Analysis Diagnostics and Optimization (PADO).

  • System Performance Optimization (SPO)
  • Boiler Performance Optimization (BPO)
  • Plant Alarm Diagnostics (PAD)
  • Water Chemistry Management (WCM)


An advanced online monitoring system that tracks critical plant performance parameters to assist utilities, IPPs and CPPs to improve overall plant efficiency by continuously updating heat loss status and degradation of auxiliary equipment.

ELTRIX provides advisory inputs to the operator in real time regarding key parameters such as boiler efficiency, turbine heat rate, cycle efficiency, auxiliary equipment performance, etc.


Provides a suite of off-the-shelf decision models used for profit maximization depending on market dynamics, regulatory framework and existing demand supply gap. Allows for new decision models to be built for economic generation.

ELTRIX Merit Order Rating (MOR) by achieving an optimal allocation amongst the units based on overall cost of generation plant efficiency etc. while still meeting schedule requirements. ELTRIX Unit Commitment Model is used for planning optimal use of generating resources based on the forecasts available. The output of the Unit Commitment model can be given to Merit Order Rating model.


Provides load dispatch centers and independent system operators tools for monitoring and enforcing grid code compliance by constituents, scheduling dispatch operations, contingency, forecasting, energy accounting and billing.

Implementation and vigilance of regulation and grid code; Accounting & Tariff Management; Management of open access and bilateral exchanges; Implementation of optimal schedules for energy drawl and generation.


ELTRIX GM module closely monitors the grid frequency, AGC operations, plant output to give real-time asking rate accounting scheduled generation and slippages.

Real-time inputs to operators on the asking-rate scheduled on generation and slippages; Accounting the energy transactions and notification of slippage from scheduled generation; Computation of tariffs like capacity charges, energy charges and unscheduled interchange (UI) charges; Interacting with Independent System Operators or Load Dispatch Center (LDC); Reconciliation and Settlement validation.


Substation Data Concentrator Unit and Protocol Gateway / Converter. Embedded modules for OEMs to support legacy / standard protocols used by Utilities and Industries for data collection.

  • Compliant with NERC-CIP v5 and IEEE1686
  • Option for expanding communication ports
  • Automated fault collection system with PSES Software
  • spTsrv series of protocols converters ideal for Legacy to DNP3 transformation
  • Supports 40+ Bit and Byte protocols
  • Integrated with ASE2000 test set for remote monitoring.

Success Partners

NetS & Kalkitech

  • Office: 4, Floor: 4, Al-Mizan Tower, 2858 Makkah Branch Road Al-Olaya, Riyadh 12221, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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